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Register phone numbers around the world from just $ USD 20

Instra Corporation offers you the ability to register Phone Numbers from all over the world and to redirect them to any telephone number globally. Utilising our PhNUM Technology, you can redirect your incoming calls to your Home, Office, Mobile / Cell or VoIP phone.

Expand your business globally with PhNUM, our revolutionary new technology delivering International Phone Numbers from over 3,000 locations around the world. Your Customers or Family will only pay local rates to call you from anywhere in the world. No additional equipment is required to start using PhNUM, the technology is device independent.

Benefits of PhNUM
There are many benefits to PhNUM for business and individual use:

  • Customers: have your valued Customers contact you via a local number and redirect the call to you anywhere in the world. Instra offers you the ability to Go Global, by Going Local.
  • Family: our low pricing enables families to regularly keep in touch with their loved ones by giving them a local number to contact when they are living abroad.
  • Cost Saving: considerable saving is available by bypassing traditional telephone carriers and international call rates thru PhNUM. The cost of the call is cents per minute in most instances. You can also allocate call credits across multiple numbers. View our competitive pricing here

All Countries
 +54  Argentina
 +61  Australia
 +43  Austria
 +32  Belgium
 +55  Brazil
 +359  Bulgaria
 +1  Canada
 +56  Chile
 +57  Colombia
 +385  Croatia
 +357  Cyprus
 +420  Czech Republic
 +45  Denmark
 +503  El Salvador
 +372  Estonia
 +358  Finland
 +33  France
 +995  Georgia
 +49  Germany
 +30  Greece
 +852  Hong Kong
 +36  Hungary
 +353  Ireland
 +39  Italy
 +81  Japan
 +371  Latvia
 +370  Lithuania
 +60  Malaysia
 +356  Malta
 +52  Mexico
 +31  Netherlands
 +64  New Zealand
 +47  Norway
 +507  Panama
 +51  Peru
 +48  Poland
 +351  Portugal
 +1  Puerto Rico
 +40  Romania
 +65  Singapore
 +421  Slovakia
 +386  Slovenia
 +27  South Africa
 +34  Spain
 +46  Sweden
 +41  Switzerland
 +44  United Kingdom
 +1  United States


  • Out bound international calls: Secure a local phone to you, when you need to make an international call divert your local number to the international number you need to call. Dramatically reduce your International calls costs.
  • Multiple Redirections:

    Our advanced technology allows for multiple redirections so in the instance that the first number is busy, the call will be redirected to the next specified number.
  • PhNUM Control Panel:

    Easily manage your Phone Numbers thru our Control Panel. Effortlessly change re-direction, acquire new numbers and review your billing.

  • Convergent Technology: PhNUM is based on ENUM technology. This convergent technology allows traditional telecom networks to bridge the gap to Internet based VoIP systems.
  • Device Independent: Unlike some other technology that may require expensive devices or may only work with a paired device, PhNUM is device independent. This means you only need to access the internet to redirect your calls.
  • Current Features: PhNUM does more than just redirect calls, s ome of the current features include
    •   Fax to Email – Convert an incoming fax to an email
    •   Advanced Call Routing – call different numbers depending on who is calling
    •   Time of Day Routing – After hours redirect call elsewhere
    •   Voice Notifications – Voice messages can be emailed to you
    •   Video Call – If supported by carrier
    •   Address Book – Manage your contacts
  • Future Applications: PhNUM is a convergent technology where we will offer advanced features including:
    • Toll free numbers
    • Customer IVR
    • Call Recording
    • Call Queues
    • Multi language support
    • Conference Call facility

The benefit in PhNUM technology lies in its ability to adapt with Customers needs. We will be regularly offering more enhanced features.